Friday, January 30, 2009

A first time for everything~

So I'm writing again because I have to document my first time getting lost in the Netherlands. 5:30 I left to get some food and I had to walk pretty far but I liked getting out and exploring the city a bit. I finally found a place where I thought I could manage to order something despite my lack of dutch knowledge. I was nervous but I went in anyway. I ordered something and had no idea what it was until they started making it. It was something similar to a Gyro and looked really good. I took it to go thinking it would be nice to just eat in the hotel. I felt retarded carrying out my food but I thought it was okay because I would be home soon. WRONG yet again. I realized after a while that I was lost so I kept on wondering not to upset because Nijmegen feels really safe and I was keeping aware of my surroundings. I figured after about 40 minutes that I wasn't going to find it alone so I started looking for a friendly face or store that I felt comfortable enough to ask. After some evaluating I ran in to a girl with a bright orange coat, she looked nice so I asked. She gave horrible directions with no street names but I managed to find my way back with her help. Though some would be scared of being lost, it just took my mind of of other things I've been more worried about. I also learned a few things..... don't walk around with food in your hands because you look like a ridiculous American. If your lost look for a girl with an orange jacket she's got to be nice even if her directions are slightly less than perfect.

I would have posted a picture but I didn't want to stick out more than I knew already did. Someday soon I'll have one though!

Day One In Nijmegen

So I arrived in Nederlands at about 9:10 By the time I got by baggage I was late for the 10:00 train and was forced to wait for the 10:30 one to Nijmegen. IT cost me 19 Euros approx. 28 dollars. The man checking the tickets yelled at me for putting my feet on the seat in front of me, he obviously realized I didn't speak dutch then I felt bad for leaving a bad reputation for Americans. I got to the station, got off hoping that a ward member with a sign bearing my name on it would be there. Unfortunately that did not happen. I was okay, I just had to get on the Line 10 bus to campus. I got there.... Next battle finding the international office. Looking like a complete fool with my three carry-ons and huge suitcase walking all over campus. When I found it we worked on some of my schooling logistics. Then it was up to me to find housing for the next few days until I could move in on Monday. The tears began to flow, I know I should have had a plan before hand bu most people I spoke with said finding a cheap hostel was easy and no big deal to plan it ahead of time. They were wrong very wrong, and once again, Dad was right. I called the Branch Presidents wife Nancy and she was very sweet and arranged for a 24 year old convert student to pick me up; she had been through this before 5 years earlier and knew exactly how I felt. She helped me find a place to stay until Monday morning.

I wish that was when it got better but once they left me (offering every possible service they could think of) the waterworks came again and I paid the 17 Euros to get an internet connection to talk with Ben, the boyfriend I left at USU, and Mom. It took a few tries to get it to work and believe me I was praying. Finally it did and things got better. Candi reminded me that I hadn't eaten in about 20 hours that could have pushed my emotions so at about 5:30 I took off to find a meal.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fall 2008

So before I head off on this great adventure I thought I would reminisce a little about this last fall semester at USU. I met a lot of new people this year which was great. My girlfriends and I from last year became really good friends with a group of guys and we had tons of fun together. We did everything together from basketball games to Hurd night to hiking the windcaves and cleaning the sink! A bitter sweet semester as most of us have gone our seperate ways and will never live in Logan Utah together ever again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here I Go!

So this is my first attempt at the whole blogging thing. I figured since Tammy got Candi hooked and now there is a Glover family blog it was only a matter of time before I to joined the group. So here I go....
I am getting ready to leave for the Netherlands in exactly one week from today! I will be there for six months which is the longest I've ever gone without seeing my family. So naturally I am super stressed out about it, but at the same time very excited about my newest adventure. I think my parents have seriously considered nailing me to the ground to avoid me going. Actually they have been really supportive even though I know they really would rather me stay home for a change. I can say the same for my boyfriend. He is supportive but would rather me be with him. Its been really crazy trying to get all of the logistics worked out, and hopefully I'll make it there without too much trouble between the plane to Amsterdam the train to Nijmegen and the bus up to Radboud University Campus. Wish me Luck!