Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For my sister

So I know my picture taking skills are not so good but Candi wanted to see my boots that I bought because she might want me to get her some. They are the best ever! Almost totally flat, and comfortable, and they are really cute...I think. So Sue, let me know! Love ya

Nijmegen Branch

So Dad you wanted me to post some pictures of the Ward members so here are a couple. Sorry I didn't get one of the Branch President and his wife yet but maybe when I go to FHE with them this Monday I will take some.

On the Left is my main translator, he is really good. On the right is Bro. and Sis. Reimer. They are the ones who helped me move into my apartment and told me that I can call them anytime day or night if I have any problems. Bro. Reimer assured me that he sleeps with his cell on. So far I haven't needed it but I can't tell you how it makes me feel to know that he is there for me.

Token picture with the missionaries! They are really awesome guys and they both will be going home in 5 1/2 months and going to school at Utah State and University of Utah. I get to have dinner with them at a ward members house on friday so that will be really nice to hang out with some members for a change.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bike Ride Home

Every day I make the ride into town for class except on Wednesdays and Fridays but there is usually a reason for me to go to the City Center on these days as well. So a couple of days ago I was riding back by myself and decided to document my trip back home a little. So get excited...

Approaching the Bridge... the towers are currently under construction

Looking out over the bridge... The cars drive on the bridge you can see here

The train goes on the bridge that I do!

The First site of Lent..quaint don't you think?

Almost there...good and wind blown...Brrrrr!

Home sweet Home. Its kind of trashy but that is because it was originally made for refugees as free housing so naturally not the nicest place

This is my address!
Griftdijk Noord 16 C_215
6663 AC Lent

Just in case you want to send me something...Wink wink, haha

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Things

Seven Things I can do:
~Coach Basketball - my absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world right next to playing it. I love my girls
~Dance - Tap is the best. Ahh the good ol’ days. But I have the most fun rockin’out with my roomies from USU
~Update my blog - This is so fun…thanks again Tammy
~Travel - I love it, but I’ve done enough by myself. My next big trip won’t be alone, so friends get ready!
~Spend all of my time and be best friends with nephews and nieces - I miss you all so much
~Go to school - I wish it would never end. I love USU and all my classes there
~Work out - I am going through withdrawals right now cuz I cant get a gym pass. I guess riding my bike for over an hour everyday is making it a little more bearable but something must be done while I am here. AHHH

Seven things I can not do:
~Stay in the Netherlands for 6 months - its just to long I miss my family and a certain someone else
~Break the Word of Wisdom - No matter how much I am around it
~Do this whole Study Abroad thing alone - Thanks to the ward here in Holland, my parents, Candi,and of course Ben
~Cook - just ask anyone, its pathetic
~Fallow TV series - with the exception of So you think you can dance, Secret Life, and American Idol...Thanks a lot Sue its all your fault
~Be consistent with my journal - I am trying especially over here but I know when I come back I will slip up again
~Handle stress - I think its starting to show…I might be more like some members of my family than I thought. Ben(brother) would call it Bipolar. The anxiety isn’t our fault

Seven things I say the most:

~I love you, I miss you, Wish you were here - just recently
~Movie quotes - I tend to mix them into conversations all the time to see if people catch on. So far Merry is by far the best at it
~Suicide, Loaf, Suicide, Loaf - conditioning with Natalie….enough said. Sorry girls
~Legit - Short for legitimate my friends make fun of me nonstop for this one Thanks miss Hayley
~What time is it? - Comes with being a very busy girl, Sorry Ben
~I dunno you choose- I am also the most indecisive girl ever
~Ah man but that’s gon’ to take forever - I love you Trey, you make me laugh -hope you had a good birthday!

Seven goals for the New Year:
~Keep up wit my regular scripture reading - not just reading but actually studying
~Work on my cooking skills with the help of Lars’s Christmas present - Thanks again
~Work on my mouth - Pretty girls don’t say dirty words and I want to be a pretty girl
~Go visit Amora in Sacramento - its way past time!
~Go to visit Merry in Vegas - she always comes to me but I never go there!
~Loose a little weight and define those abs - I know they are in there some where…haha
~Spend way more time with the family - mission accomplished I’ll be home in April and wont leave till August. This will be the most time I’ve spent at home since I was 18

Seven reasons I am falling in love with Ben:

~He is so supportive - most guys would not be okay with their girlfriend leaving for 6 months
~His curls in his hair - I cant stop touching them...ahh adorable!
~We have the best conversations and neither of us are afraid to share things with each other
~He is coming to see me in Nijmegen! And I just got his Valentines package...ahead of time! - Honestly how many guys would do either of these things
~He loves me so much - despite all of my faults…He says he likes me more because of them. What are you saying babe?
~He cooks for me - as previously stated I am no good in the kitchen, but he is amazing.
~Just when I think we can’t get any closer we take another leap forward, its an adventure!
~Seven really isn’t enough to explain it so I am leaving this the eighth open for all the other reasons

Seven things I love to eat:

~Chocolate - especially in Europe!
~Stroopwaffles - A dutch thing, they are the best especially when you experiment with them!
~Sushi - I miss Happy Sushi in Logan so so bad
~Indian food - again I am missing a Logan restaurant Indian Oven
~Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches - esp. Broiled for a minute. Thanks Annie great idea!
~Potatoes - what can I say I am an Idaho girl. I found a new way to cook them over here so get excited family
~Veggies and Fruit

Seven people I tag:
~I hate tagging people - but for the sake of the tag I’ll do it
~That’s all I really know

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An ode to my wonderful bike!

So in case you don't already know Dutchies live and die by one thing .....their BIKES! I am living in Lent which is across the bridge from where the city center and uni are. It takes about 25 minutes there and 17 minutes back if you are hallin' it back. This is regardless of bike or bus. The bus system is good but far to expensive and very unreliable. Its about a Euro twenty each way. I bought a bike for 70 euros and a lock for about 8.50. The best money I have spent yet. It is the funnest thing to ride around especially at night when we go to the city center for a party at a club/pub. Yes, in this pic I am riding with no hands and taking the foto, talented I know! Don't worry Mom I probably wont ever ride at night alone. Haha. My bike is a bit rusty and old but the light on it is brighter than every body's. So in short I am growing quite fond of it although I have not come up with a suitable name. Mike from SC named his Boss, and Tom from England calls his Tour de France (a self proclaimed name as it is written on the bike), it is however surprisingly fast! Like I said bikes are every where and it is not uncommon to forget exactly where yours is or to crash into another bike both of which have already happened to me. It amazing tho; I wish Americans rode bikes like they do here. It will probably be what I miss most.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Orientation to AMSTERDAM!

So we went to the infamous Amsterdam. It was really nice and I enjoyed all of the canals. Our group was too big to do anything really cool so we mostly just walked around and looked at the shops and stuff. My first experience with Chocomel was in a pub where most of us got Hot chocolate. It was so good and they sell it everywhere so yesterday I bought my self some; its too thick to drink as regular chocolate milk but makes next to the best Hot Chocolate. I'll tell you about the best kind some other time As you can see by the pics if I figure out how to put them on the blog weed is readily available anywhere. This was taken at a little catch all shop on the street. Yes coffeeshops are everywhere, but I managed to avoid those pretty easy however I was not so lucky with the red light district. A wide range of age and sized girls could be found in the windows literally tapping on the window beckoning any guy to come in and pay for their sexual favors. disgusting. Men stay away! It really surprised me too because I thought this only happened at night but I was wrong and it was way worse than I thought. The other pic is of the most narrow house in the world its only as wide as my arm span.