Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Things

Seven Things I can do:
~Coach Basketball - my absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world right next to playing it. I love my girls
~Dance - Tap is the best. Ahh the good ol’ days. But I have the most fun rockin’out with my roomies from USU
~Update my blog - This is so fun…thanks again Tammy
~Travel - I love it, but I’ve done enough by myself. My next big trip won’t be alone, so friends get ready!
~Spend all of my time and be best friends with nephews and nieces - I miss you all so much
~Go to school - I wish it would never end. I love USU and all my classes there
~Work out - I am going through withdrawals right now cuz I cant get a gym pass. I guess riding my bike for over an hour everyday is making it a little more bearable but something must be done while I am here. AHHH

Seven things I can not do:
~Stay in the Netherlands for 6 months - its just to long I miss my family and a certain someone else
~Break the Word of Wisdom - No matter how much I am around it
~Do this whole Study Abroad thing alone - Thanks to the ward here in Holland, my parents, Candi,and of course Ben
~Cook - just ask anyone, its pathetic
~Fallow TV series - with the exception of So you think you can dance, Secret Life, and American Idol...Thanks a lot Sue its all your fault
~Be consistent with my journal - I am trying especially over here but I know when I come back I will slip up again
~Handle stress - I think its starting to show…I might be more like some members of my family than I thought. Ben(brother) would call it Bipolar. The anxiety isn’t our fault

Seven things I say the most:

~I love you, I miss you, Wish you were here - just recently
~Movie quotes - I tend to mix them into conversations all the time to see if people catch on. So far Merry is by far the best at it
~Suicide, Loaf, Suicide, Loaf - conditioning with Natalie….enough said. Sorry girls
~Legit - Short for legitimate my friends make fun of me nonstop for this one Thanks miss Hayley
~What time is it? - Comes with being a very busy girl, Sorry Ben
~I dunno you choose- I am also the most indecisive girl ever
~Ah man but that’s gon’ to take forever - I love you Trey, you make me laugh -hope you had a good birthday!

Seven goals for the New Year:
~Keep up wit my regular scripture reading - not just reading but actually studying
~Work on my cooking skills with the help of Lars’s Christmas present - Thanks again
~Work on my mouth - Pretty girls don’t say dirty words and I want to be a pretty girl
~Go visit Amora in Sacramento - its way past time!
~Go to visit Merry in Vegas - she always comes to me but I never go there!
~Loose a little weight and define those abs - I know they are in there some where…haha
~Spend way more time with the family - mission accomplished I’ll be home in April and wont leave till August. This will be the most time I’ve spent at home since I was 18

Seven reasons I am falling in love with Ben:

~He is so supportive - most guys would not be okay with their girlfriend leaving for 6 months
~His curls in his hair - I cant stop touching them...ahh adorable!
~We have the best conversations and neither of us are afraid to share things with each other
~He is coming to see me in Nijmegen! And I just got his Valentines package...ahead of time! - Honestly how many guys would do either of these things
~He loves me so much - despite all of my faults…He says he likes me more because of them. What are you saying babe?
~He cooks for me - as previously stated I am no good in the kitchen, but he is amazing.
~Just when I think we can’t get any closer we take another leap forward, its an adventure!
~Seven really isn’t enough to explain it so I am leaving this the eighth open for all the other reasons

Seven things I love to eat:

~Chocolate - especially in Europe!
~Stroopwaffles - A dutch thing, they are the best especially when you experiment with them!
~Sushi - I miss Happy Sushi in Logan so so bad
~Indian food - again I am missing a Logan restaurant Indian Oven
~Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches - esp. Broiled for a minute. Thanks Annie great idea!
~Potatoes - what can I say I am an Idaho girl. I found a new way to cook them over here so get excited family
~Veggies and Fruit

Seven people I tag:
~I hate tagging people - but for the sake of the tag I’ll do it
~That’s all I really know

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  1. Hi there little lady - how is everything! I loved this post - call me soon, we keep missing each other...