Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Orientation to AMSTERDAM!

So we went to the infamous Amsterdam. It was really nice and I enjoyed all of the canals. Our group was too big to do anything really cool so we mostly just walked around and looked at the shops and stuff. My first experience with Chocomel was in a pub where most of us got Hot chocolate. It was so good and they sell it everywhere so yesterday I bought my self some; its too thick to drink as regular chocolate milk but makes next to the best Hot Chocolate. I'll tell you about the best kind some other time As you can see by the pics if I figure out how to put them on the blog weed is readily available anywhere. This was taken at a little catch all shop on the street. Yes coffeeshops are everywhere, but I managed to avoid those pretty easy however I was not so lucky with the red light district. A wide range of age and sized girls could be found in the windows literally tapping on the window beckoning any guy to come in and pay for their sexual favors. disgusting. Men stay away! It really surprised me too because I thought this only happened at night but I was wrong and it was way worse than I thought. The other pic is of the most narrow house in the world its only as wide as my arm span.

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