Friday, January 30, 2009

A first time for everything~

So I'm writing again because I have to document my first time getting lost in the Netherlands. 5:30 I left to get some food and I had to walk pretty far but I liked getting out and exploring the city a bit. I finally found a place where I thought I could manage to order something despite my lack of dutch knowledge. I was nervous but I went in anyway. I ordered something and had no idea what it was until they started making it. It was something similar to a Gyro and looked really good. I took it to go thinking it would be nice to just eat in the hotel. I felt retarded carrying out my food but I thought it was okay because I would be home soon. WRONG yet again. I realized after a while that I was lost so I kept on wondering not to upset because Nijmegen feels really safe and I was keeping aware of my surroundings. I figured after about 40 minutes that I wasn't going to find it alone so I started looking for a friendly face or store that I felt comfortable enough to ask. After some evaluating I ran in to a girl with a bright orange coat, she looked nice so I asked. She gave horrible directions with no street names but I managed to find my way back with her help. Though some would be scared of being lost, it just took my mind of of other things I've been more worried about. I also learned a few things..... don't walk around with food in your hands because you look like a ridiculous American. If your lost look for a girl with an orange jacket she's got to be nice even if her directions are slightly less than perfect.

I would have posted a picture but I didn't want to stick out more than I knew already did. Someday soon I'll have one though!


  1. Sound like quite the adventure! I miss you so much! I'm not sure exactly how to get a hold of you so I'll just wait for Skype or something! I love you so much! I can tell your going to learn a lot! Be safe and know we're always thinking of you! I love you!

  2. So fun - you are going to have so many stories to tell - love you!