Sunday, February 8, 2009

An ode to my wonderful bike!

So in case you don't already know Dutchies live and die by one thing .....their BIKES! I am living in Lent which is across the bridge from where the city center and uni are. It takes about 25 minutes there and 17 minutes back if you are hallin' it back. This is regardless of bike or bus. The bus system is good but far to expensive and very unreliable. Its about a Euro twenty each way. I bought a bike for 70 euros and a lock for about 8.50. The best money I have spent yet. It is the funnest thing to ride around especially at night when we go to the city center for a party at a club/pub. Yes, in this pic I am riding with no hands and taking the foto, talented I know! Don't worry Mom I probably wont ever ride at night alone. Haha. My bike is a bit rusty and old but the light on it is brighter than every body's. So in short I am growing quite fond of it although I have not come up with a suitable name. Mike from SC named his Boss, and Tom from England calls his Tour de France (a self proclaimed name as it is written on the bike), it is however surprisingly fast! Like I said bikes are every where and it is not uncommon to forget exactly where yours is or to crash into another bike both of which have already happened to me. It amazing tho; I wish Americans rode bikes like they do here. It will probably be what I miss most.

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