Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our little hotel and the Cars of our dreams

So it ended up being cheaper and a whole lot nicer to spend the night in a hotel two of the nights instead of hostels. So this little place was so cute. The beds... Yes two of them... were basically just on the ground and the TV was on what looked like a stool. Furniture was super old and there was a random picture of a cowboy on a horse above the beds, strange. It was the best place though. It had a little kitchen which was nice because we cooked in one night instead of trying to find something cheap else where. It was really like a one bedroom apartment. It was so fun and a lot more relaxed than the hostels we had been staying in. The elevator was a little interesting. As you can see it only fit two people and it looks a bit dodgy but at least it worked. It was the old fashioned ones that you manually open the door when it stops at your floor.

So we went to a Pugeot store in Berlin and it was so awesome. There were lots of car shops like Ferrari, BMW, and Mini Cooper but this is where we both liked cars and were wishing we were millionaires.....maybe someday?? Anyway this is the one Ben liked best.

This is the one I liked best. You cant see it very well but trust me it was sweet!

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