Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brandenburg Gate!!!!

So this was obviously my favorite part of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate was amazing. Trying to visualize what actually happened there just a few decades ago was crazy. It really was amazing and I am glad that we saw it when we did because there weren't that many tourists. I cant tell you how cool it was to actually be there. I think I will win when it comes to the coolest place you have ever kissed someone. You can't beat under the Brandenburg gate. I made Ben walk back at night because I really wanted pictures of it at night. It really is so breath taking. And it was totally worth the walk back, even though I know he wasn't all that enthused about it, but luckily the rain was lite so no big deal

Dont judge... I know I kinda look prego in this picture, but I promise it is just the coat. haha

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