Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Days in PARIS

So it is my last day in the Netherlands and it has once again been too long since I have updated this thing. My next adventure after Berlin was going to Paris with a couple of girl friends. We had the most amazing time; I dont care who you are Paris IS a magical place. I think the reason it was so good was because the weather was incredible. My favorite time was probably just hanging out in the Tuileries Garden. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the sun around an amazing reflection pond and statues that were placed there in the 1400's. The Arch de Triumph at night was amazing as well because at the top the view of Paris night life was breathtaking. Climbing the Eiffel Tower was a three hour adventure but well worth the wait in line. Catholic Mass in Notre Dame was really interesting too, and the Cathedral is fantastic. It was fun also to go to Moulin Rouge although when I am rich......someday... I want to go to an actual show there! One of the other great things in Paris besides all of the amazing museums and sites was when Clare and I went out for real Fondue. It was so so good and the environment was amazing. The place actually had us drinking wine (coke for me) out of baby bottles. It was hilarious almost as hilarious as the look on the guys face as Clare attempted to explain to the non English speaking owner that I didnt like wine. He was so confused. There were also some slightly interesting unexpected happenings like a middle aged woman on the metro acting out some sort of scene about how her life is so difficult trying to afford somewhere to sleep and something to eat. It was a bit strange but at least she was attempting to entertain than just sitting on her but shaking a can. The metro was constantly full of musical acts and interesting people. That is Europe for you though. Needless to say this was the perfect finale to an amazing three months.

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  1. well it does not look like you've posted in a while but i found your blog and it looks like you have been to some AMAZING places! how did you get so lucky to do all those fun things? well i hope everything is going well!