Thursday, March 5, 2009

6th file, 6th picture

So Tammy tagged me for this and it looked kinda fun.... My sixth folder sixth picture was this one....

I just got this camera for Christmas so that I would be ready for my travels but first I had to test it out with the kids. So in the afternoon we went to Ben and Tammy's to celebrate a little and spend time with the family. Ella got the game Pretty Princess for Christmas so of course I played it with her more than a few times. I loved this game when I was little because what little girl doesn't want to put on pretty princess jewelry and a crown! She was so cute and kept wanting to play over and over again. First thing to do when I get back to Boise is play this game with this little girl that I love so much! I miss you Bella!

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  1. I loved playing the pricess game with you! Miss you! I love you! Bye Bye!