Sunday, March 22, 2009

Munich in the Morning! Day 1 of Germany

So our first day in Munich we checked into the hostel then took off to see some sights. The first place we went was Konigs Platz (aka Kings Square). According to Ben the Germans are a little obsessed with Greek style buildings so they built some of their government buildings after that style. Now I think they are museums but we didn't go in because they weren't open at 8 in the morning when we were walking around. It was pretty cool though and the art museum Alte Pinakothek (aka old art museum) was really amazing.

Ben doing his best Greek Olympian Pose! HAHA I love it. No one was around and we were having so much fun just playing around

Crazy faces [ and crazy hair ] I didnt have a brush until the last day of our trip so the hair was a bit special, its a good thing Ben loves me anyways, cuz I was hating it. Behind Bens head the sign in German means Women so I had to take a few pics in front of it.

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