Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Castles in Fussen

So after our day of being tourists and walking around Munich we went to bed early because the next morning we were going to the Castles in Fussen

This is the Hohenshwangau Castle which means something like High Swan Castle. Swans were definitely the motif in this castle. This was my favorite because it was built truely like a romantic fairytale. It seemed so surreal that Maximilian II actually lived there and it was where Ludwig II grew up. I thought I would like the Sleeping Beauty castle better but this won was a million times better, its a shame its not more famous. This will probably always be my favorite place in the whole world and it was definitely a highlight of our travels

This is Neuschwanstein. Yes the one that Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty's Castle after. It was amazing completely breathtaking from the outside. The inside had rediculous decorations but we couldn't see very much of it because of the 60+ rooms in the castle only about 20 of them were finished and Ludwig died before it was finished so no one has ever really lived there. You could tell the difference in that sense between the two castles; Nueschwanstein felt a little mor like a museum than a castle. Still amazing though. Sorry the picture isn't that great because Ben had the best pics of this castle.

After a long day at the castles we finally got around to eating our lunch around 4:30 when we got on the bus back to Munich. The cheese and bread we got at the station was so so good. I think that is what I am going to miss most about Europe besides my bike of course, the amazing cheese and bread!

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  1. Cute pictures Nat! That is so fun that you guys were able to do that together! That will be a fun story to share with your grandkids someday...oh wait did I say that out loud... :)

    Love you and miss you!!