Friday, March 20, 2009

Night Train to Munich!

The very night he got to Europe we caught a night train to Munich! Not much of a break at all, poor Ben. He was beat. The night train was really fun though. If you have to go any sort of distance over about 5 or 6 hours I would recommend the night train it was really the best. The old man sleeping on top of my bunk was completely naked for a good portion of the night and only had his whitey tighty's on for the rest of it. I am glad I was out of the view of that but Ben got a clear shot as he was across from me on the other side. Haha, it made for a good story. These pics are great; the beds were tiny but comfortable and surprisingly long. Awesome night on the train!

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  1. I just thought it was odd that 5 of us were young adults and then the guy above you was like 195 years old...creeper haha